Drone Detection

Drones used for malicious purposes are a growing epidemic throughout the globe that leaves many wondering what can be done. With the capability of flying into an area undetected and unseen, drones require a change in the way security is handled on a property. The creation of RF sensors with the purpose of picking up the radio frequencies admitted by drones, eliminates the surprise a drone threat could bring. Our drone detection solution using RF sensors allows for the detection of unwanted drones and localization of the drone plus pilot. The software included paints a clear picture of when and where your property is being exploited by drones. Our planning with your security team in conjunction with the solution sensors will calm some of the common concerns harmful drones bring with them, such as espionage, hacking, and violence.

Drones for Security

While there are many threats the advancement in drone technology pose, there are also great benefits that have arose to enhance security. The traditional way of doing security with guards patrolling and looking through cameras in predetermined locations leaves holes in the security landscape. On top of that, the inefficiency and time it takes for a guard to run to an alarm or start a car and drive to a breach is a problem. Our autonomous drone security system looks to fill the gaps left in traditional security and mediate the problems that come with it. The drone doesn’t require any manual control and is capable of doing predetermined patrols or can respond to sensors going off, such as a fence alarm, camera, etc. When not flying the drone sits in its case that allows it to charge automatically and stay protected from the elements while also having sensors to protect from human intervention. If triggered, the drone is able to be in the air and out of the case in 5 seconds, drastically improving response time.